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Meaning Of DAVISIntelligence Logo

The Meaning Of DAVISIntelligence’s Logo

According to the ancient AKAN of Ghana and in Côte d’Ivoire, the meaning of our logo comes from the Andikra symbol called the "Wisdom Knot.” It symbolizes wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence, and patience. This revered symbol conveys that "a wise person chooses the best plans to attain a goal,” which is what we do for YOU.

About The Firm

About The Firm

Established in October 1996, DAVISCommunications, now DAVISIntelligence, is a full-service Communications, Public Affairs, Media Relations, Professional Training Development & Signature Events Production firm that provides practical and engaging strategies for domestic and global corporations, businesses, nonprofit agencies, and persons that desire to realize their true vision and purpose. We provide well-designed solutions that give clients a modern-day competitive edge, positioning the individual, organization/company to go to the next level for success. We are an energetic strategic-thinking team of out-of-the-box, highly creative specialists driven by intellect, wisdom, and passion. We pride ourselves on having a stellar reputation and signature-level credibility.

We are confident and convinced, but we remain humble. We value what it means to have “Relationship Currency & Trust!”


Yvonne Renée Gachette-Moss Davis: A Trailblazing Force for Global Change

An award-winning journalist and public affairs strategist, Yvonne Renée Gachette-Moss Davis has worked internationally in public affairs and leadership development.

Yvonne Renee Davis  - Photo Collage (1).png
Yvonne Renee Davis  - Photo Collage (1).png

Spearheading Initiatives for Global Impact

In her career, Davis has driven social and political change for thousands worldwide. 64 countries have been covered by her work, extending her global perspective.

A Deep Understanding of Critical Issues

Her extensive experience spans the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South Asia, Asia, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe. Traveling to nineteen Arab and Muslim countries and fourteen African countries has honed her expertise.

A Respected Voice in Diplomacy

Working as an academic, contractor, lecturer, trainer, and speaker for the U.S. Department of State's Speakers Bureau, Davis enhances public diplomacy. She has served three presidents.

Distinguished Accomplishments and Contributions

Davis contributes to the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal as well as Huffington Post as a columnist and foreign policy news analyst. Among her honors, she received an Alumni of the Year award from the University of Hartford.

A Multifaceted Scholar and Linguist

Davis earned master's degrees in Political Science, Leadership, and Business Ethics. In addition to executive leadership training at Harvard and Cornell in Executive Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Scenario Planning. Her studied languages both domestically and internationally include French, Italian, and Arabic.

Making a Lasting Impact

As president of the Save Our Schools for Our Kids Foundation, Davis is committed to creating change. Besides travel, sports, and cross-cultural cooking, Emily enjoys philosophical discussions and cross-cultural cooking.


The unwavering commitment of Yvonne Renée Gachette-Moss Davis to social change, leadership development, and cross-cultural understanding has made her a trailblazer. Her global impact and impressive accomplishments cement her status as a force to be reckoned with.

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